Data documentation

Result document

When a simulation has run to a successfull completion, the service will respond with a json document. This document will contain a json result object:

            "result": {
              "status": {
                "success": true,
                "error": "string"
              "files": {
                "main": "string",
                "plot": "string",
                "oil_budget": "string",
                "log": "string"

Each property in the files object under result will have the url to a file as a value. The key of the property describe the file type. Each file type describes a different aspect of the result of the simulation and can be used by a client to present the result. Usually a client would want to post-process these results in various ways, before showing them to their users. E.g create a map animation based on the content of the main file type.

If the success property is false, the simulation failed. Usually, you will then get no files, but if you do, they should still not be used. Instead, check the error property for information about what went wrong.

Result files

The following documentation will describe each file type, but will also refer to the OpenDrift documentation for further details.


The main output, in netcdf format. You can find expected metadata in the file here.


A static image, showing a map with drift trajectories.

Oil budget

An image, showing amount/fraction of oils which is at the surface, submerged, evaporated or stranded. Only for oil drift.


Logs from a simulation run.